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- thunderstorms - country swing dancing - coffee - traveling - heights - puppies - ocean - bubbles - cliffs - west coast swing - Jesus - country music - adrenaline rushes - books - cowgirl boots - family - paris - sherlock - reeses peanut butter cups - love stories - roses - mountains - my puppy-

Olivia J...

I'm SO EXCITED you're here!   People are my jam, photography is my passion, so the two together create a dream job as a wedding/portrait photographer.  I've been shooting weddings for 7 years and portraits another 2 years before that and I've LOVED every minute of it!  Vibrant, bubbly, quirky and fun are word people have used to describe me (SCORE on the quirky, it's my momma's favorite word).  My photography style is timeless, vibrant, passionate and full of emotion.   I love creating photos that take you back to a moment that you never want to forget.  If you want me to capture your timeless memories, drop me a message here


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