Senior 2016 | Plaza Kansas City | Ravyn

This girl is GORGEOUS!  I'm so excited about these pictures.  And guess what?   There is going to be a part to for fall!  For this shoot though, we had a blast starting off in the amazing Loose Park Rose Garden then moved down to the Plaza.   I had so much fun, but stay tuned for a crazy story...

Okay, story time with Olivia.  We had a merry time after these pictures and decided to go to the beautiful JC Nichols Horse fountain.  As we approached the fountain I noticed a band of monks (around 8-10) standing on one side.  So we trot to the other side where it was clear so nobody was in our way and we weren't in theirs.  UNTIL the band of monks start playing their unique instruments (as well as chanting), then begin marching around the fountain... toward us.  It was completely fine until they come up to us (I'm taking pictures of Ravyn with 8ft between us) and instead of being polite and going around us, they march RIGHT in between Ravyn and I (mind you, I'm in the middle of a photo, and have my camera up taking pictures).   And they stop, RIGHT IN FRONT of me, still chanting and playing their instruments.  I lower my camera in disbelief and raise my eyebrows at them and only ONE shoots me a look of embarrassment and remorse.   Finally, after much awkwardness (and disapproving looks from me), they moved on, still chanting their haunting melody.  We can safely say I wasn't converted. ;D

Anywho... Despite the craziness, Ravyn was a total pro and kept her composure and we got some AMAZING photos!  Enjoy the rest of the pictures of this beautiful lady!