Why Have a Professional Photographer Shoot Your Wedding

Why not to “just have a friend take pictures at your wedding.”⁣


1. Amazing moments of your wedding will be captured in a beautiful, timeless pictures, not missed. ⁣

2. Your day will go more smoothly. A good photographer keeps things moving, thinks of small details that sometimes get forgotten, because hey! We do this A LOT. 😁⁣

3. The pressure is off you. A professional photographer knows how to rangle the bridal party and family members into those large group photos. ⁣

4. You have a friend that walks with you the entire day. My brides, I just love being with them as they get ready, put on their dress, talk them through their jitters right before the first look and then walk down the aisle to say “I do”. I’m there as a support, I care, I love the beauty, commitment and happiness of my brides.